Individual and Relationship Counselling 

Codependency is a common  response to experiencing childhood or relational trauma.
I help clients understand the roots
of their codependent behaviours and identify actionable steps towards ending the constant cycle of people pleasing, perfectionism, and prioritizing others' needs before their own.

Childhood and relational trauma normally evoke feelings of abandonment, neglect, or rejection by someone we love, including our parents or romantic partners. Together, we will work through your relational wounds in a way that can foster long-term relief. 

Humans are built for relationships - but that doesn't mean we are natural born experts when it comes to safe and healthy connection! In my practice, I work with adults to manage relationship and trauma triggers, restore trust, and improve communication skills.

Areas of Practice

"Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces"


Individual Therapy 

Relationship Therapy 

Individual therapy sessions last 50 minutes long. In these sessions, we will explore how your historical experiences may be be keeping you stuck in painful patterns, causing negative or intrusive thoughts, or triggering other trauma related symptoms. Together we will transform feelings of shame, inadequacy, and rejection into compassion and self-acceptance. 

Relationship therapy sessions last 50 minutes long and are suitable for any type of relationship, including couples, family members, friends, and those in ethically non-monogamous relationships. In these sessions, you will identify the issues you may be having, work through lingering emotional wounds, and learn new tangible skills to help you achieve your relational goals.

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